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Our Mission:

To serve the highest quality Argentine-style empanadas with a full menu of options that make it easy to choose, order, serve, and enjoy every last bite.

Founder’s Statement

I first dreamed up El Sur as a culinary student in Paris. I wrote the name down in my notebook, along with the dishes I would serve, and put it away. It wasn’t until 10 years later, after I had graduated with my Grande Diplome in Cuisine and Pastry, moved to the Bay Area, worked at the French Laundry, and launched a catering business, that I brought the vision for El Sur back to light.

With El Sur, I wanted to create a company that was a true reflection of my personal history and experience. A first-generation American with roots in Argentina and France, I was surrounded by amazing cooks as a child, including my mom, grandmothers, and aunts. I grew up making and eating empanadas with my family. Every filling in an El Sur empanada is rooted in that history, inspired by a person, a place, or an experience that holds meaning. We put great care into developing a menu that features a variety of fillings to please a variety of palates. The fillings are gently folded in delicate handmade pastry, then baked until they are warm, flaky and golden.

El Sur started as a food truck in 2012, operating out of a classic 1970 French Citroen H-van. Today, we still have the van, but we also deliver and cater to groups of all sizes throughout the Bay Area. Through it all, we have remained true to our roots. We bring generations of family memories to the table, crafting authentic slow-food experiences amid a fast-paced world.

– Marianne Despres