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Empanadas: The Perfect Party Platter

a woman sitting at a table eating food

When you think about what makes a great party or event, what comes to mind? Is it the guests, the music, or the food? We bet you said food. Consider the number of times you've heard people praise (or complain about) the food that was served at a wedding, for example.

Clearly, food can make or break an event, so why choose been-there-done-that cheese and crackers or charcuterie board when you can serve up a sizzling party platter full of a variety of fresh, delicious, authentic empanadas, like the ones from El Sur Empanadas?

Empanadas are excellent for large groups because they're affordable, easy to share, and easy to eat (you can hold one in your hand, no utensils required!) Really, they're the perfect party food. They also come stuffed with various ingredients, so everyone on your guest list will have something to eat.

Empanadas catering in San Francisco

Inspired by Argentina, our empanadas are crafted with a French culinary technique. We prepare them with locally sourced ingredients, like our beef, which is sourced from Five Dot Ranch in Northern California. From making the dough to cutting the meat to filling and crimping each one, we make each empanada by hand.

Meat eaters can feast on the Traditional (hand-cut beef), Carne Sauve (ground beef), Pollo Saltado (chicken), Parisien (ham and cheese), or Tartiflette (breakfast bacon) empanadas from El Sur Empanadas.

Our vegetarian options include Verde (spinach and cheese), Champiñes (mushroom and cheese), and Verdura (vegetarian breakfast).

And if any of your guests have a sweet tooth, they can enjoy our Manzana (sweet apple) empanada. (Or serve those as a dessert option!)

But that's not all! No empanada party platter is complete without dipping sauces. You can choose from El Sur Empanadas' Salsa Criolla (spicy), Chimichurri (mild), and Shallot-Dijon Vinaigrette, or choose all three. Is your mouth watering yet?

When creating a party platter with empanadas, you don't have to make it from scratch yourself. It's super easy and saves you loads of time. All you have to do is arrange them on a platter. Then, once the last guest has left, clean-up is quick — you'll be left with very little (if anything) to wash.

Empanada delivery to your door

At El Sur Empanadas, we'll bake your empanadas to order and you can have them delivered hot and fresh to your door. Or, you can pick up a package of flash-frozen ones at our café in Potrero Hill to bake at home, or have them delivered, as well. The best part? You can place your order online on our website.

So if you're tired of the same old party platter for your next event, give El Sur Empanadas a try. 

Delivery is free in the San Francisco Bay Area, and shipping is available throughout all of California and Nevada. So place your order today or contact us for more information.

Then watch your guests devour the empanadas. Just don't forget to save a few for yourself!